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3-D, 4-D, and 5-D

Sun 22-Mar-2020 12:25 AM +00:00

One of my pet peeves about spiritual teaching these days is the incorrect usage of calling our world "3-D". I find it annoying because that misunderstanding is making it more difficult for people to access their own higher selves, when it really should be the most natural thing to do.

So... let's go over this.


This one is super-easy. It’s what you already experience all the time just by being in a body. This “real” world, this Earth, is a 4-D experience. A lot of teachers have been calling this the “3-D World”, but, really, it’s not. Our experience has four dimensions to it: height, width, length, and the passing of time. Calling this world “4-D” shouldn’t really be too much of a stretch if you’ve spent more than an hour looking at relativistic physics (and most of you have, c’mon, admit it). It’s space-time. Normal. 4-D.


With the preliminaries out of the way… what’s the difference between the 4-D that we all experience every day, and 3-D? In a nutshell, it’s missing an infinity (∞).

Dimensions and Infinity – a short diversion

Here's a perspective I take on dimensions:

At 1-D, we have a line. It’s an infinite line of no width whatsoever. It goes on for infinity. So 1-D = one ∞.

1-D = ∞.

At 2-D, we have a plane. What’s a plane? Well, it’s a line times infinity. Another way to say that is: if you take all of the lines that could all intersect with each other, you’d need an infinite number of them, and you’d get a plane. So 2-D is 1-D (a line) x ∞ (infinity). 2-D = 1-D x ∞.

2-D = ∞ x ∞.

At 3-D, we have a space. What’s a space? Well, it’s a plane times infinity. If you take a plane, which is infinite in two dimensions, and you make an infinite number of them that all intersect with each other, you’d get a space. So 3-D is 2-D (a plane) x infinity. 3-D = 2-D x ∞.

3-D = ∞ x ∞ x ∞. (Notice the pattern?)

At 4-D, we have space-time. In this model, what is space-time? Well, it’s a space times infinity. In other words, if you imagine a 3-D space the size of our Universe, and then you multiply that space times infinity, so that all of the spaces intersect with each other… you’d get space-time. Time can be seen as just another spatial dimension (again, just a different perspective on it). So 4-D = 3-D x ∞.

4-D = ∞ x ∞ x ∞ x ∞.

You’ll notice that 3-D is missing an infinity from 4-D. 3-D has one less infinity than 4-D has. Since we know that the infinities that 4-D has are length, width, height, and time, we simply remove time from 4-D, and we get 3-D: a static, never-changing space, with no movement of time whatsoever. Remember on Bewitched when Samantha would twitch her nose and everyone and everything in the room would freeze? That’s 3-D, except in 3-D there’s no nose twitch that “unfreezes” it. It just is frozen permanently.

I can’t even say that it’s frozen, because we’d need time before we could have a meaning for a construct like “frozen” (as opposed to, not frozen, like our 4-D world) and that would put us in 4-D. So it’s not frozen permanently… those terms are meaningless. It simply is an unchanging space, without time.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never experienced being an unchanging space. At least, not in this body. Therefore, I must not be in 3-D. I must be in 4-D. So please, my friendly and well-meaning spiritual teachers, stop telling us that we’re moving from 3-D to wherever else we’re going. We’re in 4-D; we’re just adding other perspectives to that one. We’re not in 3-D. We’ve never been in 3-D.

Another way to look at this (from Rob Bryanton) is to imagine that you were in a 3-D space, and you opened your eyes. It takes time in our Universe for photons to move from a source of light and color and into our optic nerves and brains. You wouldn’t be able to see anything in a 3-D world, because the faculty of sight itself wouldn’t exist: it takes time for photons to move through space to be seen.

So, 3-D = 4-D ÷ ∞. It’s 4-D, but without time, and therefore unchanging.


As you'd imagine, I'll say that 5-D = 4-D x ∞. But, is that dimension a new spatial dimension? Or is it a new dimension of time?

The truth is: either. It depends on which set of dimensions you want to tap into.

There is a multiverse, that a higher-dimensional version of our selves is native to, that has 4 spatial dimensions, and 1 time dimension. There also is a multiverse, equally available to our higher selves, that has 3 spatial timensions and 2 time dimensions.

Both perspectives are possible. Both worlds exist.

The question is: how are those perspectives different, and what would a native being's consciousness perceive in those worlds?

You can have access to either perspective, because there's a higher-dimensional version of you in both worlds, each with an expanded but still partial view. Our experience is a subset of either 5-D world's view.

But to get that access, to understand 5-D, we have to start without the mind.

The Heart is the doorway to the experience of 5-D. Not the mind. 5-D is too complex to be perceived by the mind. Literally, it’s too big. There are too many moving parts. Our minds can’t even begin to grasp the complexities of all of the entire 4-D Universe and every different timeline it could take in 5-D. Our minds aren’t even in the same postal code of the stadium where that game is being played. 5-D is absolutely, positively, completely, beyond the ability of the mind to perceive directly.

No offense to the mind… the mind is awesome. It’s helping me write this, right now. (Thank you, mind.) And I’m not slighting it in the least when I say: the 4-D thing called mind isn’t up to the task of operating in 5-D. It’s just not. It’s silly to even try.

The only way to navigate when you’re perceiving in 5-D is not with the mind. It’s with the Heart. It’s with your feelings. When you’re bringing your 5-D self online (while still having your 4-D experience in the body), you’ll find yourself in the Present Moment, and in the Present Moment the only thing to guide you is your own intuition, your own perceptions, your own feelings. Thoughts are far, far too limiting when we’re truly navigating from a 5-D perspective.

So, to perceive yourself as your own 5-D self (which you already are), slow down, rest in the Present Moment, allow the mind to quiet, and notice what feelings are coming. Notice how the Heart feels. Trust that the feelings in your Heart are, in fact, your window of perception from your 4-D bodymind of what your 5-D self is trying to tell you. Trust this information as the guidance you need to navigate.

This experience of slowing down to perceive the more subtle energies of the Heart is at the very center of mystic practice throughout the history of Earth. Call it Centering Prayer, call it Meditation, call it Sacred Dance, or Yoga… slow down to receive. So 5-D is not something that’s just for people with siddhis, or special powers, or specific techniques practiced for years. It’s available to every being, Right Now. Even friends from the animal and plant kingdoms vibrate from 5-D.

Integrating 4-D and 5-D

Just keep returning to the Present Moment as often as you can. Your 4-D body-mind will start to reprogram itself to match the vibration of Peace you’re experiencing in the Present Moment (this is what we call integration). You don’t have to leave your 4-D body to experience 5-D. You don’t have to use an entheogen to do it (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s always available to you.

Everything you need to navigate this world beautifully is available to you in your 5-D consciousness. All of the information and signals and feelings and indications that you need are provided, and they’re experienced through the 5th dimension. At least, that’s been my experience.

The more that your presence includes the sense of Peace and Centeredness of 5-D, the more your bodymind will adapt to flow with those energetic frequencies. It’s like any other practice… the more you do, the better you’ll be at it. And you always know that who you really are is not, could not be, defined by any manifestation within 4-D, since you’re so clearly experiencing yourself from and as your 5-D self.